In today's globalized world, the market of your company is the world!

TSL assists you in this new era.


Founded in 2001, the company has an experienced and prepared team to provide the best service, focused in lowest cost and good service as possible. Dynamism is the main characteristic of the international market and that is why TSL works with tailor made solutions, we also have a great ability to adjust our job according the biggest changes in the global world to the small nuances in each segments.

As we have offices in São Paulo and Santos, TSL is able to stay closer to the market and more attentive to all the constant changes in the customs environment, covering export and import demands, we do everting to cover your company expectations. We have experience in all modes of transport (maritime, road and air), with a network of agents in all continents of the world, TSL can offer the best options for your transport of any type of product to any location of the globe.

A flexible company that works with multinational companies in several segments, such as: agricultural commodities, food, mining, automobiles, consumer goods, chemicals.




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