No mundo globalizado de hoje, o mercado de sua empresa é o mundo!

A TSL auxilia você nesta nova era.


Founded in 2001, the company has an experienced and prepared team to provide the best service, focused in lowest cost and good service as possible. Dynamism is the main characteristic of the international market and that is why TSL works with tailor made solutions, we also have a great ability to adjust our job according the biggest changes in the global world to the small nuances in each segments.

As we have offices in São Paulo and Santos, TSL is able to stay closer to the market and more attentive to all the constant changes in the customs environment, covering export and import demands, we do everting to cover your company expectations. We have experience in all modes of transport (maritime, road and air), with a network of agents in all continents of the world, TSL can offer the best options for your transport of any type of product to any location of the globe.

A flexible company that works with multinational companies in several segments, such as: agricultural commodities, food, mining, automobiles, consumer goods, chemicals.









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Customs Clearance

  • Elaborate / monitoring the formal and required processes for exports and imports, such as:
– LI (Import Licensing)
– DI (Import Declaration)
– DTA (Customs Transit Declaration)
– RE (Export Register)
– DDE (Declaration of Export Dispatch)
– DSE (Simplified Export Declaration)
  • Air and sea freight payment
  • Paperwork expedition (Commercial Invoice, Proforma Invoice, Form A, Certificates of Origin, etc.)
  • Analysis of Letters of Credit

International Transportation

TSL has a wide network of agents in all continents, providing a quality service for it customers offering the best options in international transportation, by sea, air or road. We attend very close the serve the airports of Viracopos and Guarulhos using the partnership with the best carriers in the market and we can cover the GLOBAL airports.

Air :

We strategically negotiate your cargo volume in partnership with the best airlines to offer the best rates and service flexibility:
  • Consolidation of Loads / D-Log Express
  • Transport of special cargo
  • Traffic Management between Countries (Cross Trade Management)
  • Intermodal Transportation (Partial and Total Charter)
  • Oversized, Overweight, Hazardous Products (DGR), Perishable
  • Inspection Service to Order Consolidation

Sea :

Largest network of agents around the world to offer the best options in sea transportation for full container or fractional loads.
  • Shipments FCL Consolidation of cargo / LCL
  • Partial or Total Chartering
  • Ova and Spawning of Containers
  • Charters and special projects
  • Intermodal transport
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods or Complexing cargos

Road / National and International :

Strategic partnerships offering road transport with security and competitive prices.
  • Transportation of containers and cargoes in general
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods or Complexes
  • Traffic, Handling, Documentation and Tracking
  • Stowage and storage of containers
  • Removal (DTA and DTAS)
  • Just-in-time
  • Delivery "door to door" Intermodal

Pre-shipment Inspection

It ensures that your products comply with quality standards, technical specifications and contractual requirements. Our pre-shipment inspection provides independent, professional verification of the quality, quantity, marking, packaging and shipping of your shipments, helping you to meet quality standards, technical specifications and contractual requirements. This can helps you to:
  • Ensure the quantity, quality, marking, packaging and loading of your shipments
  • Ensure that your goods will be handle correctly and safely
  • We ensure that your goods arrive at your destination in accordance with technical specifications, quality standards and contractual agreements
Our pre-shipment inspection services include:
  • Dimensional inspection
  • Review of documentation
  • Packaging and marking checks
  • Visual inspection
  • In-person tests
  • In-house sample measurement at the factory
  • Checking number of packages and their marking according to the contractual specifications
  • Checking the correct way to proceed with the current product
  • Warehouse Verification, Fixing, and Tracking the transportation
Please contact us today to find out how our pre-shipment inspection services can ensure your products meet quality standards, technical specifications, and contractual requirements

Commercial Consulting

TSL has a series of services and solutions to solve and answer any solution within COMEX (foreign trade) issues, any solution you need such as market expansion, started the internationalization of your product in a new country or customs clearance consulting, we can solve to you, any commercial, logistic or operational issue we are able to help you.

Key services:
  • Elaborate a pre-calculation of operation costs
  • Checking and consult the viability of import / export processes
  • Tax evaluation impacts in international operations
  • Harmonized System Codes classification (HS Code);
  • Formalizing contacts to the Exporter / Importer for documentary instruction and shipment coordination, customs paperwork and procedure to secure that your shipment is documented correctly and ready for departure
  • Analysis of documentation overseas
  • Monitoring and customs inspections from cargoes arrived
  • Radar empowerment (Siscomex)
  • International Freight and Logistics with competitive rates, we can cover the five continents in the world
  • International cargo insurance
We issued all International Documentation, (Commercial Invoice, Proforma Invoice, Form A, Certificates of Origin, etc.) TSL can issued all the documents to cover overseas process and our overseas customers. In addition, we analyze and search for certificates if necessary for the international buyer to have all the tax benefits.

Door to Door

We manage the entire process, from collection to delivery at the final destination, with the main objectives being the integrity of the cargoes and the delivery deadlines established.